Dec 4, 2010

dapat tag dari meaw

instruction : once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly

Name : titie
Full name : nor atiqah abdullah
Sibling(s):4 og (manja)

eye colour : cokolat, htm hikhk

Shoe size : 6
Hair : purple hikhik :)
Height : 167cm.. rendah bangat
What are you wearing right now : t-shirt,track

Favourite number : 2001 penting
Favourite drink : oren 0 ais

Favourite month : jan beday ak :)
Favourite breakfast : roti bkr n kaya yumm2

-Have you ever-

Broken a bone : nop

Been in a police car : also nop
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : even
Swam in the ocean : hikhik
Fallen asleep in school :hehehe.. xmo ckp :>

Broken someone's heart :dulu kala

Cried when someone died: opkos
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nop tdo laa
Saved e-mails : delete semak ja :*

Been cheated on : hikhik


Your room look like :stor bju hikhik

What is right beside you : gelas air. oren 0 ais

What is the last thing you ate : wafer (partime job)

-Ever Had-

Chicken pox : 3 kali..ade bekas ag auw

Sore throat : nop
Stitches : nop

-Do You-

Believe in love at first sight : cinta xkira laaa

Like picnics? : boley laaa tp ske air haha


Who did you last yell at? : tah :)

Who was the last person you danced with? : mne da bdn keras jaa haa
Who last made you smile? : mumy (mis her)

-Final Questions-

What are you listening to right now? : lagu dlm laptop

What did you do today? :mnum oren 0
Are you the oldest? : teng ag laa hee
Indoors or outdoors? : outdoor

-Last person who-

You talked to on the phone ? : mumy

Made you cry? : mis my mumy
You went to the mall with ? :xdelaa
Who cheered you up ? :meaw

-Have you-

Been to Mexico ? : xmo laa pns

Been to USA ? : xdan ag laaa..


What books are you reading right now? :buku telepon haha
Best feeling in the world? : family n friend !

Future kids name? :xkwen g

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : hahahaha

What's under your bed? : tdo tas tilam n berlapik kn lantai(madah helah)
Favourite sport (s) : btu seremban(omong 0)
Favourite place : bntal busuk (xdak pn sja je )
Who do you really hate? : ske ckp kesat
Do you have a job? :yep (patime_

What time is it now? : 13.39

p/s : with however long it took you to complete this, post as " banyak tanya betul!" and tag 15 people.


meaw said...

tanak buat sebab da buat,hahahahaha!
nyway,tengs sudi jawab tag ni ha,haha

AiDa AzRyN said...

dah wat dah yang ni.. pagi tadi aida wat.. huhu.. ;p

efyna.pinkladies said...

ade eh oren 0 ais?

bulat said...

efyna: opkos laa.. hikhik xde gula..

Lelord said...

ekekek akak ke tu? adehh byknya :)

bulat said...

hala :)

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